Focus on metal fabrication

  • Custom Fabrication

    CS&CM has been specializing in custom fabrication since the day we were established. With over 40 sheet metal engineers, we can fully understanding our clients' requirements. We not only manufacture products in formats such as ProE, CAD, PDF, but can also help you make the engineering drawing based off a sample or picture.

  • Laser Cutting

    We believe the best machinery produces the best precision metal fabrication. So two Amada laser cutters keeps up with our high quality standards. The maximum thickness we can cut is 12mm.

  • Punching & Bending

    Amada series of CNC bending allows us to bend the material with length of up to 6000mm. Precision comes from the reputed brand!

  • Welding & Grinding

    As a qualified Siemens supplier, we have 4 European certified welders on our welding team. We work with a third-party inspection company for NDT testing on our products

  • Powder Coating & Painting

    We have our own chain system of powder coating and painting in our workshop, so that to get the consistency of the powder coating and painting quality and decrease the risk of transportation scratches.

  • Assembly

    40K square meters of workshop space means we have enough room to do the assembling. We have successfully assembled switchboards, touch screen machines, trailers, and many other projects. One stop service gives you the best deal.


CS&CM Metalworks Ltd, a leading sheet metal, metal fabrication and custom manufacturing company in Shanghai, China .We are ISO9001-2008 certified , have been receiving many business awards from the local government and business organization over last years...

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